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Nucleus High School was founded on the basic philosophy of ‘individualized learning’ and a strong sense of belonging and connection. We believe that even though every child needs to grow in his or her own unique ways, education must not disengage children from their culture and society. Our dynamic, highly qualified teachers and their stupendous mix of time-tested and modern methods of instruction allow each individual student to realize his or her true academic potential. Our small class size, use of educational technology and highly interactive and active teaching-learning activities make learning all the more engaging and profitable. Our evaluation methods focus not only on the academics, but go beyond to assess the “affective” and “reflective” aspects of personality, too.

Nucleus High School is also a best choice for international students as it offers them a safe and positive learning environment with excellent opportunities to develop academic and social skills to prepare them for not only higher education at top international universities but also to prepare them for the ever fluid job market. Catering to their singular needs, we offer a range of full-year and semester based courses.

To help any students who might want to hone their English or want assistance with any related skills, we offer an internationally-competitive ESL program which provides world class support by focusing on all aspects of language learning in a very scientific manner. Students in this programme spend extra time on developing their language skills along with their selected academic courses.

In addition to educational instruction, international students also receive continuous support, guidance and counselling. These students are provided guided tours to attend local social and cultural events to help them adjust to Canadian society. Students also have opportunities to experience the diversity and history of Canada while building relationship with their peers and teachers.

Once again, at Nucleus High School, we believe that every student is a unique individual waiting to be explored and allowed to bloom into a unique, though beautiful blossom. We strive to assist students in achieving their learning goals and offer support to address their needs. We achieve this through a variety of educational modalities and a high degree of personal attention.


A non-refundable CDN $450.00 application fee is required for all international students who wish to seek admission to Nucleus High School.

Additional amount of $2500 towards tuition fee ( $2000 refundable in case of Visa refusal) needs to send us with enrollment fee.You will receive Letter of Acceptance from us.This letter, must be brought into the Canadian Embassy/Visa Office in order to apply for a study permit or a study visa.

This fee covers all costs associated with the assessment and processing of the application, including phone interview (if required) and issuing letter of acceptance (if successful). Application fee can be paid by wire transfer, credit card ,money order, and certified cheque. If paying by wire transfer, the student’s name must be clearly mentioned.

The banking information is provided below:

Institution Number:004TD CANADA TRUST
Transit Number: 1185255 MOUNTAINASH RD
Account Number:5304843NUCLEUS HIGH SCHOOL
Routing Number (ABA) 026009593

Cost of study for international students

Application Fee (one-time only & non-refundable)$ 450.00 (Non-refundable Enrollment Fee)

$2500 ($2000 Refundable in case of Visa refusal); If study visa approved then $2500 will be carry forward to your tuition fee.

International Student Tuition Fee$12,999 per school year, It is the student’s responsibility to meet all of the other costs associated with attending the Nucleus High School (for example school books and supplies, special course materials, resource fees and other activities)
Health Insurance (mandatory)Included in the above tuition fees.


Documents can be sent via courier or regular/registered mail or electronically by email. Send only self-attested copies of all required documents. Do not send originals as Nucleus High School will not be responsible for any lost documents in the mail.

  • Two (2) Passport size photographs
  • Student transcripts or reports for the past two years
  • Two Reference letters from teachers at the most recently attended schools
  • Copy of current and valid passport

Once all the documents are received, along with application fee, your application will be assessed and decision would be conveyed to student/parents within one week. Upon successful outcome, a letter of acceptance (LOA) will be issued. Please submit the Letter of Acceptance to the Canadian Embassy to facilitate your application for a study permit for on site study. A full tuition fee must be paid after the visa has been issued by the Canadian Embassy. To renew the student visa/ study permit, students will be required to obtain “Letter of Acceptance” every year.


All students wishing to attend Nucleus High School will be required to obtain Student Visa and Study Permit. Any student who does not have a valid student visa/ study permit, or has not been able to renew the student visa/ study permit will not be allowed to attend the school. To renew the student visa/ study permit, students will be required to obtain “Letter of Acceptance” from Nucleus High School every year.

Please refer to the Canadian Citizenship and Immigration website for a complete outline of the requirements and policies for study in Canada: www.cic.gc.ca.


Nucleus High School is a day school. A custodianship agreement which is available directly from the government website at www.cic.gc.ca. Or Nucleus High School must be signed and submitted to school prior to the start of the school year.


Health insurance is mandatory. Health insurance for the first year is already included in the tution fees.


Immunization records are required by Peel Public Health. Students who are accepted must submit proof of inoculations. A photocopy of immunization records in the student’s native language is not acceptable. These must be translated into English and notarized.


No, application fee is non-refundable

A full tuition fee refund, excluding the non refundable fee of $2,500.00 plus $50.00 wire transfer. To obtain a refund, the student must provide:

  1. Copy of the granted Student Visa from Citizenship and Immigration Canada, and
  2. A signed and written refund request by the parent/s with the name and address of the recipient of the cheque.

The following policy applies when a student withdraws from Nucleus High School after fees have been paid:
If you cannot attend for other reasons than visa or immigration:

  1. You will receive two-thirds (2/3) refund of the tuition if you withdraw prior to the commencement of classesas per the Duration of Study (program) dates on the letter of acceptance.
  2. You will receive half (1/2) refund of the tuition fee if you withdraw any time within 30 calendar days from the start of the program as per the Duration of Study (program) dates on the letter of acceptance.

There will be no refund of the tuition fee in the following circumstances:

  1. If the student is found in violation of school regulations and asked to withdraw from the school
  2. If false medical information was given and any medical conditions were not disclosed
  3. If a student arrives late, there will be no refund for the time period missed.
  4. If any international student becomes a landed immigrant during the course of study, the lower fees will take effect in the following term.

Most students attend for the full year starting from September to June. Students can also join the school during Term I (September – December) or Term II (February – June).

Students need to arrive at least 2 weeks in advance of the start of the school year for registration, orientation and a formal assessment.

Yes. All students at Nucleus High School must have a custodian (guardian), regardless of age. Those attending secondary school will normally require a custodian.